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Mediation is a Journey and Your Most Important Decision is Your Guide

We are committed to providing the best mediation experience and fairest results possible for all parties involved. To do so, we employ not only the most effective techniques available but also the smartest people we can find. Our mediators come into each dispute resolution opportunity with open minds and their sole focus is to help deliver a durable agreement that the parties will view as fair and reasonable. 

ORMediation.com offers a professional staff of mediators including Elizabeth Yancey, Brent Motchan and Raffaella Pilieri and you are free to choose the mediator that you think best fits your case and your budget.  In most cases, your selected mediator will guide you and the other party through a one-day mediation session in-person at a location that works for all parties involved. However, when necessary, our mediators also have access to the services of our Co-Mediator and Chief Negotiator Lee Lorenzen (either in person or online).  In addition, before and after the mediation itself, you'll also be interacting with our Case Manager Jennifer Olson to help ensure the smooth operation of the mediation process.

Our Refundable 
Mediation Services

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Chief Mediator: Elizabeth Yancey

Elizabeth Yancey is exceptionally well qualified as a mediator because she has worked to settle cases either as a judge or an attorney in a multitude of cases in the past 30 years. During her more than 19 years on the bench she has handled cases in family, civil, probate, criminal and elder law. Prior to her judicial career she was a litigator in construction, contract, elder and family law in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to her other accomplishments, she recently completed the Straus Institute’s Dispute Resolution program at the prestigious Pepperdine Law School.

She is a member of the ABA Dispute Resolution Section, the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section of the Arizona State Bar and the Association of Conflict Resolution.

Judge Yancey was an early advocate of mediation in the courts and in 1989 she served as the chair of the Arizona Chapter of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. She served on numerous court and bar committees in the more than 19 years she served in the judiciary and taught legal education programs for the Maricopa County Superior Court, Maricopa County Bar Association and the State Bar of Arizona.

In addition to her mediation practice, she is currently a volunteer with the Sedona Mediation Service sponsored by the City of Sedona and a facilitator for the Sedona Oak Creek Restorative Justice program in Sedona, Arizona.  She is also a member of the Yavapai County Juvenile Probation Community Juvenile Justice Committee for the Verde Valley and serves as a mediator for the Prescott Justice Court and the Coconino County Superior Court.

Click here to download Elizabeth Yancey's resume.

Chief Mediator: Brent Motchan

Brent Motchan is an experienced arbitrator, mediator and attorney, with an engineering and real estate background. His primary activities have been in commercial disputes, construction, mining, labor and employment, contracts, general corporate matters and litigation. He is licensed to practice law in Missouri and Illinois and is a qualified Missouri Supreme Court Rule 17 and 88 Mediator. He is also an ADR panel mediator for the US District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri.

He has served as General Counsel to two major construction companies (HBE Corporation and Clayco, Inc.), a national hotel chain (Adam's Mark Hotels), a concrete company, a publicly traded mining company (Zeigler Coal Holding Company), a power marketing company and a safety equipment company. He has also served as Assistant Counsel to a publicly traded utility and a coal mining company.

While employed in the construction industry he has been involved with disputes including scheduling, delay, inefficiency, loss productivity, acceleration and economic loss claims, change orders, mold, sick building and defect claims, changed and concealed conditions, subsidence, force majeure, discovery including electronic discovery, bonding and sureties, insurance, termination, mechanic's liens and subcontractor and labor disputes. He has negotiated and drafted contracts including construction of warehouses, office buildings, condominiums, commercial facilities, mining operations, operating plants, hospitals, financial buildings and college facilities.

As a practicing attorney Mr. Motchan has negotiated and prepared contracts in numerous areas. These include acquisition agreements, stock purchase agreements, restrictive stockholder agreements, employment and severance agreements, sales agreements, loan agreements and credit facilities, consulting agreements, construction contracts and heavy equipment purchase agreements, real estate purchase and sales agreements and lease agreements.

Mr. Motchan has participated in numerous arbitrations and mediations in construction, contract disputes and EEOC charges and labor matters. Mr. Motchan is an arbitrator on the FMCS labor panel and the AAA labor, construction and commercial panels. He is also a member of the Association of Attorney-Mediators and the Association of Missouri Mediators.

Click here to download Brent_Motchan's resume.

Co-Mediator and Chief Negotiator:  Lee Lorenzen

Lee Lorenzen is a successful serial entrepreneur with more than 30 years of experience providing valuable services and creating wealth by developing software, founding for-profit ventures and funding non-profit organizations. He is currently President, CEO of Altura Ventures. 

In his role as co-mediator, Mr. Lorenzen is typically brought in by the chief mediator when a dispute involves a complex set of business issues and/or special matters related to intellectual property, fundraising, start-up companies, asymmetric disputes between large entities and individuals, software technology, venture capital and/or internet businesses (especially those involving Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Ebay and Facebook).

Prior to Altura Ventures, he founded SHOP.COM (1997-2007) and as CEO/Chairman led the company from simply an idea to its current place as one of the Top 10 most trafficked multi-vendor shopping sites on the web. 

Lorenzen's first start-up was Ventura Software (1985-1990) where he co-wrote Ventura Publisher -- the fastest desktop publishing system available on the PC. It was licensed to Xerox and achieved annual sales in excess of $50 million. 

Next, Lorenzen founded Altura Software (1990-Present) and created the Mac2Win software which was used to port 60+ Mac applications to Windows (including ClarisWorks, Macromedia Director and Fractal Design Painter). Over the years, Altura generated $15+ million in revenue, reached the Softletter's Top 100 list and achieved Sales Per Employee levels in the Top 10 of all software companies. 

Lorenzen also founded and assembled the management team of Fractal Design Corporation (1992-1996), which went public in 1995 before ultimately being acquired by Corel. Next, he co-founded PGSoft (1998-2001) which was sold to Novell after creating the Cody-award winning IFolder product. 

Earlier in his career, Lorenzen developed some of the world's first graphical user interfaces. After graduating valedictorian from SMU with a BS in Computer Science, he joined Xerox, where he developed an icon-based graphical desktop user interface called Lone Star in 1981 (just prior to the shipment of the IBM PC). Next, he joined Digital Research Inc. (DRI), where he developed a graphical windowing system and user interface for the PC called GEM that was an early competitor to Windows and Macintosh.

Lorenzen holds a patent as co-inventor of the Universal Shopping Cart (US 7,197,475).  Click here to download Lee Lorenzen's resume.

Case Manager: Jennifer Olson

Jennifer Olson has worked in a series of start-up software companies as both office manager, human resources and benefits manager and as controller.  She graduated in 1995 with a degree in Business Administration from University of New Hampshire.

As Case Manager, Jennifer Olson handles all of the logistics and billing issues associated with your mediation. Prior to the mediation, Jennifer will contact you regarding the pre-mediation information that your mediator needs to convene the mediation. This will include receiving brief descriptions of each parties' views on the dispute, discussing our price list and arranging a time for your mediator to have a phone discussion with each of the parties.

After Jennifer handles the pre-mediation steps, your mediator will then contact each of the parties to discuss the mediation process.  Assuming the parties decide to move forward with the mediation, Jennifer Olson will arrange the logistics associated with convening the mediation (including the receipt of each party's portion of the mediation fee).

After the mediation has concluded, Jennifer sends each party a post-mediation package and compiles their feedback on how our service can be improved.

Please feel free to contact Jennifer anytime at (831) 238-7071 if you have any questions regarding the service.

In addition to her role as Case Manager for Oliver Ross Mediation Services, Jennifer manages the billing and tax filings for a number of companies including Altura Ventures LLC, JobCoin LLC, UserBliss LLC, KallOut Inc. and ORmediaiton LLC.