Our Refundable Mediation Services

Together WE can resolve this.

If you're involved in a dispute that you wish was resolved
and you haven't been able to settle the matter on your own,
we can help you and the other parties involved reach
a fair and durable agreement that all parties will respect.

Please call: (831) 595-7501
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Our Refundable
Mediation Services

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Mediation:  The Art of Facilitating Settlement

We offer a specialized approach to mediation that goes below the surface of the primary issues in the dispute and seeks to identify the underlying interests of the parties that can then be used to build a bridge to settlement.  These same techniques have been employed by the top mediators in the world to settle disputes ranging from global conflicts to traffic tickets.

Assuming both parties are ready and willing participants in the process, most mediation sessions will be completed in one day. As Chief Mediator, Elizabeth Yancey's fee for a one-day mediation is $3,000.  Our other mediators may charge more or less than Elizabeth and you are free to review their bios and resumes on the Staff page and decide which mediator is right for you and your case.  The specific daily rate for each of our mediators is included on the Our Agreement page.  This daily rate fee is paid in advance and is typically split between the parties involved in the mediation process.

Depending on the situation and the parties involved (e.g., when one party doesn't have the ability to pay their share of the fee up front), our mediators may sometimes reduce their one-day mediation fee and/or offer different payment terms.  If you have any questions regarding the fee or the mediation process, please contact our Case Manager Jennifer Olson at 831-238-7071.

The Five Stages of the Mediation Process

 Our approach to resolving disputes is broken down into the following five stages:

  1. Convening – the goal of this stage is to gain all the participants’ willingness to begin the mediation

  2. Opening – the goal of this stage is to establish a safe environment and a hopeful mindset in all the parties for the day’s mediation

  3. Communicating – the goal of this stage is to ensure that the parties understand each other’s perspectives and that the mediator understands each of the parties’ issues and interests

  4. Negotiating – the goal of this stage is employ both back-and-forth bargaining and collaborative problem-solving techniques to identify the structure of an effective negotiated settlement

  5. Closing – the goal of this stage is to reach an agreement that is in the best interests of all the parties and to formalize this agreement in some way that ensures it is a durable resolution of the dispute
We ask that you trust our proven approach.

Our Refundable Mediation Services:  Together WE can resolve this.