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If you're involved in a dispute that you wish was resolved
and you haven't been able to settle the matter on your own,
we can help you and the other parties involved reach
a fair and durable agreement that all parties will respect.

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Mediation Resources to Improve Your Skills and Bargaining Position

This may be your first time through the mediation process.  If so, you will probably find it helpful to educate yourself on what mediation is, how it works and what other online resources are available for those seeking mediation.  While your mediator will discuss much of this information with you during the convening and opening stages of the mediation, many of our clients find it useful to do their own research prior to beginning the process.

So, if you'd like to get a jump on the process, the following resources should get you started:

FAQ's and Online Self-Help Materials related to Mediation and Arbitration

  • The Negotiation and Mediation Club Syllabus
    • Lesson 1 - 7 Ways of Handling Conflict and 7 Weapons of Influence
    • Lesson 2 - The Principle of Perceptual Contrast, Distributive Bargaining and Zone of Possible Agreement (ZOPA)
    • Lesson 3 - The Principle of Reciprocation, Iceberg View of Integrative Bargaining
    • Lesson 4 - The Principle of Consistency and Commitment, The Prisoners’ Dilemma
    • Lesson 5 - The Principle of Social Proof, The Mediator's Guide to Dealing with Uncooperative Parties
    • Lesson 6 - The Principle of Liking, The Mediator's Roles
    • Lesson 7 - The Principle of Authority, Milgram Obedience Study
    • Lesson 8 - The Principle of Scarcity, Examples of Using the Weapons of Influence

The Top 10 Lists of Mediators and Arbitrators

  • American Arbitration Association (adr.org 5,550+ Neutrals
  • National Aribtratrion and Mediation (namadr.com 2,000+ Neutrals
  • Mediate.com (mediate.com 1,042+ Neutrals
  • National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals (nadn.org 600+ Neutrals
  • International Mediation Institute (imimediation.org 338+ Neutrals
  • JAMS, the Resolution Experts (jamsadr.com 270+ Neutrals
  • Judicate West (judicatewest.com 100+ Neutrals
  • CFR Mediation (cfrmediation.com 100+ Neutrals
  • International Academy of Mediators (iamed.org 100+ Neutrals
  • California Academy of Distinguished Neutrals (califorinaneutrals.org 90+

The Top 5 Graduate School Programs for Dispute Resolution and Mediation

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