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If you have any questions or concerns about Our Guarantee, please contact Lee Lorenzen at (831) 595-7501 after reviewing the Our Agreement page.
Our Refundable Mediation Services

Together WE can resolve this.

If you're involved in a dispute that you wish was resolved
and you haven't been able to settle the matter on your own,
we can help you and the other parties involved reach
a fair and durable agreement that all parties will respect.

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Our Guarantee

We Guarantee You 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back

We are so confident that you will reach a settlement or in some other way be satisfied with the mediation services that we have provided that we offer each party to the mediation a guarantee of 100% satisfaction or their money back.  Here is how it works:

  1. Each party agrees to attend the mediation, follow the mediator's lead and participate fully in the process.
  2. Each party pays in advance 100% of their share of the agreed upon rate for the mediation.
  3. Each party arrives at the mediation, works together with the mediator towards a settlement and agrees to keep working as long as the mediator believes there is a reasonable chance for a positive outcome.
  4. After the mediator decides the mediation has ended, the parties will have either signed a mutually agreed upon settlement or decided to proceed forward with litigation.
  5. If within 30 days of the end of mediation, the case has not settled and any of the parties, for any reason, feels like they would like to receive a refund of all or a portion of the amount they paid for the mediation services they've received, then all they have to do is submit a written request for a refund and the amount they request will be refunded to them within 5 business days.

Although this 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back offer could be abused by someone who simply wants to receive free mediation services, we believe that the parties who go into the mediation process with us will honor the good intentions of the parties involved and reward the hard work that has been provided.  However, if any of the parties don't believe that we've earned our fees then we are happy to provide them with a refund.

Why Do We Offer a 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee?

We offer Our Guarantee because sometimes one or more of the parties are so skeptical that the mediation process will work for them that they feel that the fees that they are paying for mediation will be wasted.  This is despite the fact that the approach we use for mediation leads to settlements more than 90% of the time.  We find that by removing the monetary risk to the parties that they will find the mediation process valuable, we can make it easier for them to say "Yes" to the mediation process.

The bottom line is that we know that our mediation services are valuable to any prospective client who is considering or is already involved in litigation.  We also know that paying our one day mediation service fee to achieve a negotiated settlement is a much less expensive alternative than continuing to pay for lawyers, experts, depositions, court costs, damages, jury awards, etc.  

Our Guarantee allows us to more quickly convince each of the parties that going into mediation now will be well worth their time, effort and money when compared with the alternative of ongoing distractions, potentially unnecessary preparations for trial and allowing their legal fees to continue to escalate.

Our Refundable
Mediation Services

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