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Our Refundable Mediation Services:: Agent Agreement

ORMediation.com Agent Agreement 
for NewCo LLC Members and Consultants 
Who are Hired to Introduce Asset Buyers to Sellers
Who are Engaged in an Altura Ventures Online Marketing Campaign

Agent's Rates

Consultations          FREE

Introductions FEE varies based on the terms agreed to between the Agent and the Asset Buyer

NOTE:  In a real estate transaction in California, a co-brokerage fee or commission split can only be paid to a licensed real estate agent or broker.  However, in a For Sale By Owner case (which is typically the case with an Altura Ventures Online Marketing Campaign), either the Seller or the Buyer is free to pay a finder's fee, referral fee or success fee to the person (e.g., their Agent or a NewCo LLC's paid consultant) who introduces the two parties to one another.  In addition, for an all cash purchase of real estate by an individual or LLC in which no federally-provided loan is used, there are no RESPA issues related to the payment by the Buyer of a fully disclosed finder's fee, referral fee or success fee when such fee is paid to the Buyer's Agent or a consultant to or member of a NewCo LLC that has been created to facilitate the fundraising and purchasing of a specific Asset.

Creating a NewCo LLC to Manage the Fundraising and Purchasing of the Asset

The Agent and the Asset Buyer may wish to create a NewCo LLC in which the NewCo LLC is created with cash contributions from both the Agent (e.g., a small amount) and the Asset uyer (e.g., a large amount equal to the purchase price of the Asset). Both the Agent and the Buyer will become founding members of the NewCo LLC and the Agent will also be hired as a Consultant to the NewCo LLC.  The Agent's consulting fee will be determined to be an amount that the Agent and Asset Buyer view as fair for providing the introduction of the Asset Buyer to the existence of the Asset, the Seller of the Asset and the Altura Ventures Online Marketing Campaign promoting the Asset on behalf of the Seller.

For example, if the Agent and Asset Buyer determine that the best use of the funds provided into the NewCo LLC is to purchase the Asset and the Seller of the Asset decides to sell for an amount that is less than all the funds the NewCo LLC controls, then the Asset Buyer could decide to pay out the balance of the funds to the Agent as a consulting fee for introducing the parties to one another in a manner that led to the successful purchasing of the Asset.

Miscellaneous Provisions

This Agreement is subject to California law and the terms and conditions described herein are non-binding on the parties until signed by all parties to the Agreement. All information that is shared with the Agent and between the parties to the Agreement in preparation for and during the transaction is confidential and the parties agree to keep the information confidential. 

Agreed to and Signed by:

_____________________              _________
Your Name as Agent / Consultant    Date  

_____________________              _________
Your Buyer's Name Date

_____________________              __________
CEO, Altura Ventures LLC                Date

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Next Steps

If the terms and conditions of this agreement are acceptable to you (or if you have any questions), please contact Lee Lorenzen at (831) 595-7501 to receive a Buyer's Agent Services Information Packet.