Our Refundable Mediation Services

Together WE can resolve this.

If you're involved in a dispute that you wish was resolved
and you haven't been able to settle the matter on your own,
we can help you and the other parties involved reach
a fair and durable agreement that all parties will respect.

Please call: (831) 595-7501
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Our Approach to Mediation Successfully Resolves 90% of Disputes

We are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcome for every client that we serve. 

No matter how unreasonable you may think the other side is being or how pessimistic you feel about the chances of resolving the conflict, over the years thousands of successful mediations have proven that our approach works.  Even in the 10% of the cases in which a signed settlement agreement is not ultimately achieved, the parties are guaranteed to exit the mediation process with more complete understanding of the issues and interests involved.

At Our Refundable Mediation Services, our clients come first.  

Every client is treated with respect and is guaranteed that we'll work hard to deliver a successful and satisfying mediation experience. Our approach provides not only a safe environment for the mediation process but also the hope of a speedy resolution of the dispute. You'll find that when it comes to achieving a mutually satisfying settlement we are doggedly persistent and will persevere until we find a solution. In addition, we keep our eyes on the prize and are artistically creative in our ability to suggest alternative proposals that the parties haven't yet considered. 

Our experience, expertise and integrity have earned us a reputation as one of the premier personal mediation services available.  Therefore, we ask that you trust our proven approach.

    Our Refundable Mediation Services:  Together WE can resolve this.

    Mediation Price List

    $10,000 per day for Lee Lorenzen

    (includes travel and lodging expenses for out-of-town mediations)

    $3,000 per day for Elizabeth Yancey

    (when appropriate, Elizabeth may offer
    reduced rates, discounts and/or payment plans)

    $2,000 per day for Brent Motchan

    (when appropriate, Brent may offer 
    reduced rates, discounts and/or payment plans)

    Our Refundable
    Mediation Services

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